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My favorite tips for you this month

Battle the stuck-inside blues with a little lipstick

Ever applied a little mascara then felt like you can conquer the world? Turns out there is science to back up why you feel that way! Floral scents can make you feel more positive, facials can release stress, and red lipstick can even boost confidence.

Book an appointment with me today to find your perfect mood-boosting product!

The weather is changing... your skincare should too.

Did you know that our skin is effected by the weather? In dry winter months, our skin craves moisture. But as the weather becomes warmer and there is more humidity in the air, our skin can feel more oily. Book an appointment with me for your seasonal skin analysis to make sure your skincare is still giving you the most benefits!

Kiddos feeling the effects of the change in weather?

If the kids skin is starting to feel the effects of the change in weather it might be time to find a gentle skincare routine for them. Whether they are struggling with pesky acne or just need a simple system to stay clean at the end of the day I’d love to help you find the perfect products. Book your appointment today!


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