Cassie Atwood
Independent Beauty Consultant

Welcome to a World of Unlimited Opportunity

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about my business. I can't wait to share the details about this company that I love so much!

Success is just around the corner.

Carly Pinchin

After going to school for heath information science and securing a corporate job, Carly realized that there was more she wanted out of life than the typical 9-5. Now, a mom of 3, Carly runs her successful business from home.

Arika Hanks

Arika began her business as a recent graduate, after landing her dream job right out of college but feeling completely burned out from the hours she had to put into her 9-5.

Paige Wold

After moving to LA to attend a the performing arts college of her dreams, Paige realized she could connect with people through an online presence. She quickly realized that this was the best way that she could align her heart motives and her career goals and now uses her business and online platform to serve and support others.

Here's what you can expect in your business:

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Surround yourself with a community of people who are supportive and encouraging

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Earn a commission on the products you sell

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Career Cars

Earn the use of a career car as you move into a leadership position

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Get the recognition you deserve, and earn fabulous prizes as you hit goals

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You’re the boss so you can choose the hours that fit your lifestyle and needs

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Never sacrifice your core values, family, or self-care for work again

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Work your business as a side hustle or become a leader. The choice is yours

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Take advantage of never-ending opportunities for personal development

Earn an Income on Your Terms

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Profit on Sales

There are no quotas or territories so you sell your products anywhere in the country and make a profit on your retail sales.

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Earn a Promotion and Additional Commission

If you choose to share the business opportunity and grow a team of Consultants, you can earn a commission on their sales, paid out of the company’s profits (not your team members’!), plus opportunities for bonuses!

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Earn a Career Car, or Choose a Cash Prize

When you earn a career car, the company leases the car for you. All you pay for is a portion of the insurance cost! Don’t want one of the many career cars that are available? You can opt to choose a generous cash compensation instead.

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Move Into Leadership for Even More Opportunities for Income!

As a Leader, you have countless opportunities to earn expanded including additional team commission and special bonuses.

More Than Just a Business

It's a New Beginning

Your starter kit includes everything you need to run your business, from full-size products to business tools, and more!

But the most important thing you get doesn’t come inside your kit. It is the friends you make, the support you receive, and the lives you change through your business.

Would you mind sharing your opinion about the business?

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