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My favorite tips for you this summer!

When’s the last time you gave yourself a gift?

Giving myself a gift is one of my favorite ways to REWARD MYSELF/PRACTICE SELF CARE/ETC) and some of my favorite gifts for myself are in our new selection of summer must-haves! For me, I’ve got scores of scars from skin cancers, including several Mohs procedures. So, the Dr. Tuna Sun Care 50SPF Face and Body Sun Lotion is a MUST for me. I can once again now go safely into the outdoors without panicking over the impending and painful sunburn followed by the inevitable surgeries. Thank you, Farmasi!

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Dr. C. Tuna Sun Care SPF 50 Face and Body Sun Lotion

Product Code : 1000302 
The weather is changing... Sunny days means sun protection no matter your heritage, ethnicity, or skin tone!

Not so sensitive to sunburn? Try our Dr. Tuna Sun Care Sun 6SPF Bronzing Oil.

Dr. C. Tuna Sun Care Sun 6 SPF Bronzing Oil

Product Code 1000303 
Is you skin feeling the effects of too much sun without protection?

But if do you burn regardless of your protection, use our Dr.Tuna Sun Care Soothing Aloe Gel. What a relief it brings! What will you need this summer? Let’s get it ordered so you’re protected.

Dr. C. Tuna Sun Care Aloe Soothing Gel After Sun

Product Code 1000301 
Scared of the sun? Me, too!

Of course, our Golden Glow Self Tanning Mousse is the latest addition and the best way to have a glowing tan without the sun. It will be my go-to this summer to rid myself of the pasty-white legs and arms. What will you need this summer? Let’s get it ordered so you’re protected.

Golden Glow Self Tanning Mousse

Product Code : 1000696 
Summer brings out the cutest feet!

Sandals. Flip flops. Bare feet. They all bring eyes to your feet! How are they looking?

Start with

Dr. C. Tuna Foot Care Hand & Foot Peeling Sea Salt

Product Code 1000322 
Caring for your summer feet Step 2

Dr. C. Tuna Foot Care Ultra-Rich Intensive Foot Cream

Product Code 1000321 
And, let's keep those tootsies smelling fresh as a daisy!

Dr. C. Tuna Foot Care Odour Control Deodorizing Foot Spray

Product Code 1000320 

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